Sunday, 24 February 2013

As this is my first blog - please bear with me! I live on the Isle of Skye with my lovely family where we are enjoying beautiful weather just now.

I should be out enjoying this weather but it is about time I started to do this!

I work most days in our family computer business. In my spare time I make Harris Tweed Bags, Hats and Accessories which I love doing and the rest of the time I enjoy being with my 6 beautiful grandchildren, two of whom I am teaching to knit just now they are only 5 and 6 and are doing extremely well. They are both knitting a teddy bear for the youngest addition to the clan who is only 4 months.

Look at the concentration!!

All four showing some of my knitted goodies!!

I forgot to mention above that I am an avid knitter and having been knitting since I was about 6 also.

This is a brief view of what I also love doing since I discovered Harris Tweed - obviously I love WOOL

Hope you enjoy this brief tour of my work.
Well, I think I should go and make some more - or enjoy this fantastic day although it is a bit cold to start on the gardening - maybe only an excuse!!
The great weather does make you feel better - have just finished publishing my new website - check it out on
Now I am going for a walk to enjoy the weather.
Next blog I will post some photos of Skye

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